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Specialized Consulting and Guidance Helping The Student Athlete Who Wants To Play Soccer In Preparatory School and/or College

Assist players to achieve their goals in higher education and soccer. 
The player puts in the work but everyone needs a bit of help in reaching their dreams.

Cornet Shot
The Player and The Parent 

When you, as the player or you as a parent of a child, who is passionate about playing soccer at the next level in college,but you don’t understand the process of where to start?  Don’t have enough time to spend researching?  Don’t understand what coaches are looking for or what level your child needs to be playing at? Academic goal or sports? 

Being a parent, I understand and have known many who have been stuck on what to do. Having gone through the process with my son, that’s a long, tedious, and complex process even for a person like me who has soccer expertise and connections.  This is why I saw the need to start a service with MSA which will help parents and players minimize the anxiety about what to do and arm you with the knowledge and support to give your child(ren) the best chance possible of reaching their dream. Our goal is to provide personal service to make your life easier. 

Schools, Clubs and Organizations 

We can tailor the college counselling service to your clients as a group or for each individual who needs the service. Our goal is to provide added value to your services that your coaches or administrators might not have time or the connections to provide to your student athlete. Your players and families then can feel they are getting the needed support and full package service out of your organization.

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